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Safety Humane Tether Tie for horses invented & designed in the UK by Roy French. Made from a lightweight material. Affordable, various colours.

Idolo Tether tie is easy to use, works on any lead rope & is effective on horses, ponies etc. that snatch, pull back & rear. Allows the freedom to give , with the horse still attached to the lead rope.
When trained to tie on our tether tie, a horse will learn to tie safely, quickly because it offers release. Tested on hundreds of horses, with amazing results.
Works through friction. Replaces baler twine. Clear pressure & release teaching.Relaxes & calms. Helps prevent serious neck injury. Provides safer environment. Aids farriers, clipping etc. Portable for use in horse stables, trailers.

You will receive Idolo tether tie and one double ended clip

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