• Image of ROPE HALTER


Colour: Brown & Beige

Halter Features: 5mm tuff tack rope, this rope is made here in Australia

It is a great quality rope that has a nice feel to it.

4 knots on nose band

Halter is made in Australia professionally tied and finished
off with splicing and stitching.

With strategic placed knots, this specially designed rope halter
will help make your cues clearer and teach your horse to give
to pressure by making it uncomfortable to resist.

Halter Sizes: Warmblood (Full) generally fits most horses 15.3hh to 16.3hh,
approx 70cm around nose

Standard (Cob) generally fits most horses 14hh to 15.3hh,
approx 65cm around nose

Pony/Foal - approx 49cm around nose

Lead ropes to match